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This is the fourth of a four-part series identifying ways students across different majors can hone their skills, gain experience and stimulate their minds over the summer months. Whether you’re looking to volunteer, find a full-time job or simply explore a passion, there are so many ways to develop yourself professionally even though class is out.

Professional development goes beyond job or internship experience. This is true for both students and young or experienced professionals. While it’s natural to grow professionally through work or interning in your field, there are other ways that help fast track your professional development. Assumption students pursuing a bachelor’s in business can consider these opportunities as a way to advance their professional development this summer.

Attend Events
Attending events can be a great way to network and sharpen your communication skills. While all may not favor large social gatherings, a Careerealism article suggests that getting out of your comfort zone can help your professional development. Luckily, the Worcester area offers a number of business community events throughout the summer. To find a listing of upcoming events, check out Worcester Business Journal’s event calendar.

Meet with Mentors
It’s no secret that millennials crave mentorship. However, regardless of age group, a U.S. News and World Report article suggests seeking out people who are on the career path you aspire to, as a way to take charge of your professional development.

Blog about an Internship
Reflecting on your internship experience through writing can offer added insight and aid the learning process. Assumption Assistant Professor of Marketing & Organizational Communication, Arlene DeWitt, has used this method while teaching the Internship in Business course. You can read more about the project and student blogging experience in our previous post.

Reading is a great way to supplement your education and learn from experts in various fields. If you are in doubt about what to read this summer, check out the many reading lists put together by leading entrepreneurs, business enterprises and publications. LA Times Business, Bill Gates’ reading list, and JPMorgan are just a few that can help inspire your own list. Or, if you are more of a book club type, find local meet-ups here.

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