In honor of upcoming Family Weekend: how education students can learn about getting parents involved

Assumption College Undergraduate

Assumption’s Family Weekend is September 25-27. Families are invited to come and spend the weekend with their Hounds and learn about life on campus.

For education majors, the role of a parent or other family member in student success takes on added meaning. In the present, Assumption education students can show off friends and teachers, and show progress toward their goal of becoming classroom teachers.

At the same time, they can think about how they will one day involve the parents of their future elementary or high school students.

For college students, research confirms that parent involvement helps.

“Having an involved parent can be key to a student’s success in college. You can be a helpful source of insight, a shoulder to lean on when they stumble, a cheerleader to encourage and praise their successes and a place of safety and rest,” wrote Chris Foley, who at the time was the Director of Admissions at IUPUI and current assistant vice president and director of the Office of Online Education at Indiana University.

Parents of college students provide a great deal of moral support, financial advice and career planning help to their students.

The Center on Education Policy writes that, “even if parents are unable to assist their children with a specific subject area or skill, they can still play a vital role by encouraging students’ feelings of competence and control and positive attitudes toward academics.”

In our next post, we will look at how aspiring teachers can carry those insights into the classroom, and make it possible for parents to play an active role at every age and stage.

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