The Pre Med Student’s Timeline and Checklist

Assumption College Undergraduate

Whether you pursue a bachelor’s degree in Biology— the most common undergraduate degree at Assumption for students planning to go to medical school — or choose the more structured pre-Med program — you will soon begin developing a persuasive medical school application.

The timeline below offers pre-medicine students a checklist to best prepare for the application process and decisions that come with choosing the medical school that is right for them.

Fall, junior year of college

  • Schedule a one on one meeting with your adviser to discuss prerequisites and everything you need to prepare for medical school.
  • Understand your pre-medicine coursework requirements. Each medical school requires different undergraduate courses.  As you narrow your list of schools, you can make sure you’re hitting all of the right prerequisites.
  • Sign up for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and start studying. Assumption offers the Kaplan Test Prep courses on campus at a discounted price.
  • Explore the field of medicine. Some discover their field of interest when they’re in Kindergarten. Others aren’t so sure. Assumption will help you explore what schools are best for your field of interest, or pick a medical school that will help you decide. Volunteer or get an internship in different areas of medicine to get a feel for what you like best and where you can make the greatest difference.
  • Research and visit the schools that offer your chosen field of study. Assumption has academic partnerships with several medical schools Advisers can help you set up visits.
    Figure out how many schools you will be applying to and develop a budget for these applications. (It can get pricey!)

Spring, junior year of college

  • Take your MCAT in April.
  • Ask 3-5 faculty members, professors, mentors and supervisors to write letters of recommendation. Be sure to provide at least a month’s notice and information about what is required for each letter
  • Request copies of your transcript from the Registrar.

Summer before senior year of college

  • If you would like to try to improve your MCAT score, or have not yet taken the required test, take the August MCAT.
  • Prepare for interviews. Software such as Perfect Interview helps you practice with mock interviews and suggestions.
  • Fill out and submit your application through the American Medical College Application Service. (This application is available to submit in early June. Many schools offer entrance on a rolling basis, so applying early can help you plan the rest of your senior year.)
  • Request and submit applications for non-AMCAS schools.

Fall, senior year of college

  • This is when you will start receiving interview offers and secondary applications (some schools send these in lieu of or in addition to interviews as another part of the process.) Remember to send thank you notes after your interviews.
  • Follow up on institutions from which you have not heard back.

Spring, senior year of college

  • It is time to make your big decision!
  • Remember to send thank you notes to the people who wrote recommendation letters for you. Tell them about your success!
  • Contact the schools that you will not attend so that other applicants may receive your spot.

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