4.0 at your fingertips: Smart phone apps for Biology students

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Most students are not using their smart phones to their full potential. While we can get consumed for hours with the latest social media or addicting game, smart phones also provide us with access to some excellent apps built to manage that time, and that can provide support to college studies. This list features some great applications for interactive learning in the field of biology. As you work towards your bachelor’s degree in biology at Assumption College in Worcester, MA, you may find some of these apps useful in your schoolwork.

Biology Apps

biology anatomy appAnatomy

There are several anatomy apps for iPad, Android and iPhone that may be helpful to you if you’re planning on medical school. Essential Anatomy 4  or Pocket Anatomy are two potential options; each use 3D technology to teach general anatomy. You can also find detailed body-part specific apps which can be helpful when your biology course concentrates on different parts of the body.

cellular biology appCells

The study of cells is fundamental across all aspects of biology.  3D Cell is an interactive app that breaks down the structure of the cell, serving as a good refresher and always-helpful reference in your pocket.

biology chemistry appPeriodic Table of Elements

If you’re interested in studying biology, you will also be taking a chemistry course. The Elements: A Visual Exploration is a highly interactive version of the Periodic Table of Elements that works like an ebook. Tap on any element on the table and high definition images of their make up — as well as everyday items containing each element — come up with explanations in rich detail.

table of elements appFor a more simplified option, Periodic Table of the Elements is good to have on hand while working in the lab or studying for a chemistry exam. You can select each element and view its traits, such as chemical family, boiling and melting points and its state (solid, liquid or gas).

biology dna appDNA

OnScreen DNA Model is an interactive, color-coded and scientifically accurate 3D model of DNA’s structure and chemical components.  This app provides biology majors with the ability to learn the basics of the DNA form, which is key in order to understand how it works in living organisms.

organic chemistry appOrganic Chemistry Essentials

This mobile application was designed by an o-chem instructor, and it’s meant to serve as an addition to your textbook. It covers many topics, and also includes a little bit of organic chemistry humor. PALIANTech also offers an organic chemistry flashcard application.

Time management and studying apps

time management appStudious

Don’t be that guy whose phone goes off in class. This scheduling application automatically silences your phone during your course times. It also serves as a great planner and reminds you what homework and readings you have each night.

flashcards study appStudyBlue Flashcards

StudyBlue’s flashcards use audio, text and pictures to help you study in whatever format works best for you, and allow you to focus on the material that you need to study most by remembering which questions you get right and wrong.

Smart phones come in handy when studying a hard science. Ask your professors if they recommend any other apps that will help you succeed in your other biology major courses.


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