Choosing a Business Major at Assumption That’s Right for You

Assumption College Undergraduate

You may have always known that a business degree was the right choice for you, but deciding your specialization within your business major — whether it’s accounting or marketing or another — may require some more deliberation. Beyond the personal factors that influence your decision, degree-relevant data on current market hiring might be an additional factor to keep in mind as you continue your undergraduate career.

Earlier this year, Forbes published an article titled, The College Degrees and Skills Employers Most Want, which shared that a degree in business was at the top of many employers’ lists. The data was derived from a survey conducted by the National Associations of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a non-profit group that “connects campus recruiting and career services professionals.” The NACE Job Outlook Survey contacted over 1,000 employers from February to March of 2014, and it found that close to 70 percent of companies expect to hire students with degrees in business.

According to a NACE Salary Survey published last month, “average starting salaries for graduates within the business discipline rose 2.9 percent to $57,229.” Also, while the average salaries of all business majors improved, the “logistics/materials management majors and marketing majors fared the best with double-digit increases of 11.4 percent and 10.8 percent, respectively.”

The Department of Business Studies at Assumption College offers undergraduate business degrees in accounting, international business, management, marketing and organizational communication. When combined with substantial background in the liberal arts disciplines, these majors provide students with the knowledge and skills valued by the business world.

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