Journalist Dana Goldstein Covers Wide Swath in New Education Book

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Whether you’re in high school considering a career in teaching, or a classroom teacher, parent or administrator, there is plenty of insight and history to consider in a new book from journalist Dana Goldstein: The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession.

Goldstein offers a very rich, balanced account of how America came to this point in its conversation about the role of teachers, and how large societal questions related to poverty and achievement see the classroom at the epicenter of reform.

While teaching may seem like a simple set of relationships — peers, principals, students and families — Goldstein helps us understand the longstanding influence of foundations, union leaders, philanthropists and activists.

One of the main threads of the book has to do with the racial and gender make-up of America’s teachers, and what can be expected in terms of teacher recruitment — including non-traditional certification efforts such as Teach for America — and the impact on a changing US demographic of elementary and high-school students.

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