The Rising Popularity of Student Career Service Centers

Assumption College Undergraduate

bachelors in business students at career centerDeciding what to do with your business degree is a process most business students go through regardless of degree concentration. While there are many resources that offer guidance to students starting their career, an increasing number of undergraduates are relying on career service centers for their professional development.

According to the Class of 2014 Student Survey Report by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), “Class of 2014 [was] …considerably more likely to visit their career centers on multiple occasions when compared with previous graduating groups”. Similarly, “the percentage of seniors who said they did not visit their college career center at least once during their senior year dipped below 20 percent for the first time since the question was first asked in 2010.”

Among the top services that Class of 2014 used at their college’s career center were resume review, access to job listings and assistance with the job search. According to the NACE survey, over 50 percent of grads found campus career service to be “an effective resource for learning about a potential employer.”

The rising popularity of campus career service centers is not only evident through the increased number of students using this resource. Numerous professional development columns and blogs stress the importance of utilizing career services for students. A Times Union blog post ‘50 Career Tips for College Students’ advises students to go to the career center at least once a semester and every month for seniors as the first item on their list of tips.

Assumption students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business should take advantage of the Career Development & Internship Center available on campus.  The center provides career advising, networking opportunities, help with internship searches, job search support, and a wealth of other online resources such as Hound Explorer and the My.Assumption Career service portal page.

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