10 things you didn’t know about the state-of-the-art Testa Science Center

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testa-science-centerThe Richard and Janet Testa Science Center at Assumption College houses the Natural Sciences, but students of every major and program benefit from this modern facility for their classes, meetings, listening to visiting speakers or to just kick back and study in the natural light-filled atria. There are some things, however, you may not know about Testa:

#1: It boasts big numbers.

Testa uses every inch of its 63,000 square feet for classroom, laboratories, research and office space, events, performances, meetings and more. It has 10 teaching labs and seven faculty and student research labs.

#2: It’s award winning.

In 2005, the Testa Science Center won the 2005 American Institute of Architects’ Central Massachusetts Design Honor Award for its state-of-the-art design and artistic elements.

#3: It was opened in Assumption’s 100th year.

Assumption celebrated its Centennial in 2004, when Testa opened its doors and its labs.

#4: It holds a time capsule.

In celebration of Assumption’s 100th, a time capsule was placed inside of the Testa Science Center, and it’s expected to be opened again in 2054 for the 150th anniversary.

#5: Senator Ted Kennedy spoke at its ribbon cutting ceremony in 2003.

He spoke of his hope for what budding young people were to come out of Assumption’s science programs. “We are going to have this magnificent center of learning and education; the kind of opportunity for hope and for breakthroughs that can make such a difference to the members of this community to our state and to our country. I’m proud to be a part of the team,” he said.

#6: Its stained glass windows honor the victims of a 1953 tornado.

The towering windows were originally part of the College and Preparatory School’s Glendale Campus Chapel, which was damaged in the tornado. Parisian artist Raphael Lardeur originally created them and was able to recreate the tornado-damaged windows from his earlier sketches. Two of three windows were installed in Testa in 2014. The other is located in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit.

stain glass windows at Testa Science Center

#7: There is a greenhouse on the roof.

Biology, Botany and other bachelor’s degree life sciences students know it well. It also boasts some pretty beautiful views of campus.

study biology and botany in the greenhouse at Testa

#8: It is named in honor of Assumption alumnus Richard Testa and his wife Janet.

Testa was the recipient of the Jack L. Bresciani ’72 Outstanding Alumnus Award in 1984 for his outstanding dedication and service to Assumption College. He was an advisor, benefactor and friend to the College and an active member of many campaigns and committees.

#9: It is equipped with hundreds of excellent lounge and study spots.

Comfy chairs and study spots line the halls. Assumption students — whether science students or not — are invited to use the building as a quiet study spot or a place to meet up with classmates for group projects.

Testa Science Center Lobby

#10: The research to happen in, and students to pass through Testa are going to have an impact on the world. Assumption has already produced two science Fulbright scholars and many other researchers, helping to contribute to the field.


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