Making the most out of your business internship

Assumption College Undergraduate

Business Professor Arlene DeWitt

One of our previous posts offered tips on how to successfully juggle school and an internship. While mastering time management and planning techniques is one hurdle, ensuring that you get the most value out of an internship is another challenge.

Some interns find themselves doing a range of mundane tasks that have almost nothing to do with their area of study, such as getting coffee or running errands. While doing some grunt work may be unavoidable, a recent Forbes article shares tips from leading career experts on how to manage such situations:

  1. Discuss your concerns and goals during the interview process. Doing so will ensure your boss understands your expectations.
  2. Confirm what was discussed via e-mail outlining two to three mutually established goals.
  3. Seek feedback from your supervisor. This will help prompt thoughtful consideration of your efforts.

How do internships complement undergraduate studies at Assumption?  Business degree students in Assumption’s Internship in Business course are asked to write professional blogs about their internship experiences that are published on the college website.

This initiative led by Assumption Assistant Professor of Marketing & Organizational Communication, Arlene DeWitt, benefits students, the College, and internship sponsors. Blogging helped business students develop professional writing skills and acted as a pedagogical exercise prompting students to reflect, capture and communicate the knowledge gained through the internship experience. In some cases, the exercise prompted students to identify how their actions can influence the types of projects they are assigned at an internship.

Read about the internship experience from the perspective of Assumption students who have shared their experience at organizations such as Worcester Business Journal, YMCA of Central Massachusetts, Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau (CMCVB), The Worcester Sharks, UMass Medical School HR Department and many others.

A more detailed discussion, analysis, and outcomes of this project can be found in Professors DeWitt’s paper titled: “Song of the Open Road: Business Students Blog About Tacit Knowledge In Their Internships.”

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