Job Resources for Education Majors in Massachusetts

Assumption College Undergraduate

There are over 400 public school districts in Massachusetts. Although the hiring process is different for each, here are some tips to help Assumption education students secure a teaching position after they graduate.

There are multiple resources available to help you find open teaching positions. The first is your advisor. Assumption advisors have contacts in school districts across the state, who are always looking for new teachers. Assumption advisors are equipped with helpful connections for education students pursuing their dream of becoming a teacher.

Advisors and professors are also resources for making sure you are prepared for licensure, as well as helping you reach all of your required student-teaching hours.

Develop a timeline for the spring of your senior year to determine the ideal time for you to start looking for teaching vacancies. Teaching positions are filled before the school year starts, which is why the busiest teacher-hiring period typically begins in April and lasts through August.

When you start looking for openings, think about both the grade level you want to teach and which school district. In addition to school districts, there are other exciting teaching opportunities such as teaching overseas, or volunteering in a low-income school; students should consider unique and potentially life-changing options such as Peacecorps and Teach for America. Otherwise, there is a plethora of public and private schools in Massachusetts looking for the skills and knowledge for which Assumption education majors are known.

There are a number of helpful online resources to explore openings and learn about teaching jobs:

Lastly, the National Education Association offers a few other tips as you prepare for your interviews and look for teaching positions, such as a self-assessment of your skills, organizing a portfolio and networking.

In 2013, 100 percent of Assumption education majors were employed or studying at the graduate level by the following fall.

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