Human resources and psychology

Assumption College Undergraduate

When we think about academic majors, it’s easy to think about them as a mutually exclusive matter — psychology majors become psychologists, right? Well, yes, sometimes. But often, majors (especially those at liberal arts institutions) empower individuals to discover professional careers organically through experience and coursework.

The value of a liberal arts and sciences curriculum — like the coursework at Assumption College — lies in the building of skills that are valuable for any career — communication, leadership, service to others, reflection and problem solving.  Psychology is no different.

One profession you may not have considered when you think about psychology is human resources.

Professionals working in Human Resources undertake a number of responsibilities, such as company or workplace employee matters, including recruiting employees, training and development, managing pay and benefits, and more.

Human Resources professionals can be very successful when they understand the way employees think — for example, understanding the importance of employee health and how a company can benefit from instituting incentives for healthy living.

Human Resources professionals with psychology degrees and training also have a unique “people focused” perspective regarding motivation, conflict resolution, job satisfaction, and more.

marisa berti psychology student Assumption graduating senior Marisa Berti held a Human Resources Internship at Target, where she learned to identify her strongest leadership qualities, how to evaluate right-fit applicants, and train her team. Upon graduation Marisa has accepted a position with Target as an Executive Team Leader.

Junior Meghan Sweeney studies management and psychology. Her internship at the Employee Assistance Program at UMASS Medical School allows her to work with employees of UMASS Medical with a focus on meghan sweeney, management and psychology student strengthening their mental health.

“My duties have allowed me to understand how issues such as workplace stress, depression, or addiction can negatively impact employees’ productivity in their organizations. Through my daily interactions with the counselors who provide assistance, I have learned about these issues, how they affect employees, and how to assist in alleviating them,” Sweeney said.

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