Science, technology, engineering, math…and art?

Assumption College Undergraduate

massachusetts educationA recent post on Assumption’s Light the Way blog mentioned the growing need for professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Concurrently, individuals with creative and design skills are in high demand in the technology and engineering fields are pushing for individuals with creative and design skills more and more.

The headlines alone tell the story: Microsoft goes on hiring blitz for designers, engineers, artists and more; or IBM hiring 100 new designers.

There also exists a need for qualified teachers who can introduce and effectively share these skills in a child’s elementary years; that need is expected to grow, creating a number of opportunities for education majors.

A PBS blog on education mentions the critical role art education plays in a child’s development, including motor skills, language development, visual learning, decision making, inventiveness, cultural awareness and even overall academic performance.

Assumption College offers a Massachusetts-approved program for education students seeking licensure as a PreK-8 art teacher.

In this track, students engage in important education courses that explore theory, practice, curriculum development and child development and in the liberal arts tradition, explore the value of the fine arts. (At Assumption, students majoring in the arts can add a second education major to their art major.)

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