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biology summer professional development

This is the first of a four-part series identifying ways students across different majors can hone their skills, gain experience and stimulate their minds over the summer months. Whether you’re looking to volunteer, find a full-time job or simply explore a passion, there are so many ways to develop yourself professionally even though class is out.

For biology majors who are spending the summer near or in Worcester, Assumption College offers classes that count towards your degree in Session I, which started May 26 this year and goes through July 2, and Session II, from July 6 – August 14. Coursework aside, there are so many ways to become a better biologist during the summer.

There are hundreds of summer and special interest camps in New England, and many seek students such as yourself with an understanding of science to serve as counselors. Science-oriented day camps like Worcester’s Ecotarium Summer Discovery Camp and LINX in Wellesley, Massachusetts are always looking for counselors who have a foundation in, and more importantly a passion for, biology.

If you’re a biology major who loves the outdoors, it’s likely you don’t want to spend your summer inside. Look into summer help needed at local and national parks.

Or if you’d like to travel, there are many opportunities for ecotourism and volunteering abroad.

Assumption’s Study Abroad Office is an amazing resource just for students to learn more about exciting programs in Europe, Asia, South America and other interesting places in the world. Consider internships abroad. Or WWOOF Farms, where you work on an organic farm, meet people from all over the world and stay and eat for free.

Read 10 Ways to become a better biologist without leaving Worcester to learn about local volunteer opportunities and other ways you can get involved.

No matter if you’re taking your bachelor’s in biology to pursue a path in graduate or medical school or another exciting journey, professionals in your dream field are always looking for a little help. Sometimes all it takes is picking up the phone or sending a brief note. Don’t hesitate to ask around if anyone you know is looking for some research help. Your advisors might know the perfect position.

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