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psychology summer professional development

This is the second of a four-part series identifying ways students across different majors can hone their skills, gain experience and stimulate their minds over the summer months. Whether you’re looking to volunteer, find a full-time job or simply explore a passion, there are so many ways to develop yourself professionally even though class is out.

Sometimes a summer internship is perceived as an opportunity for the business major, but psychology students have a myriad of exciting options to make the most of the summer break.

For psychology majors who are spending the summer near, or in, Worcester, Assumption College offers classes that count towards your degree in Session I, which started May 26 this year and goes through July 2, and Session II, from July 6 – August 14. Coursework aside, there are many ways to become a better psychologist during the summer.

The American Psychological Association lists various summer research opportunities for psychology undergraduate students all over the country, including research fellowships and summer internships.

No matter your interest (classes, internships, research opportunities) you can tailor your summer experience to either work in your dream field or perhaps, explore a different profession that has piqued your curiosity There is no better time to discover a new passion than during summer vacation as an undergraduate. For example, if you’re interested in working with aging populations, consider working or volunteering in a retirement community or nursing home. If you would like to work with children, volunteer at a library’s read aloud or work at a local day camp.

Just as there are so many career options for psychology majors, there are so many things you can do during summer break. Consider these:

  • Psychology students are often sought after because of their strong writing skills. Consider doing some freelance work;
  • Volunteer around Worcester, working with people and helping others;
  • Think about an internship in human resources;
  • Get involved in on-campus research at Assumption with your favorite professors;
  • Find a summer job at a local clinic or counseling center;
  • Travel!

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