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This is the third of a four-part series identifying ways students across different majors can hone their skills, gain experience and stimulate their minds over the summer months. Whether you’re looking to volunteer, find a full-time job or simply explore a passion, there are so many ways to develop yourself professionally even though class is out.

The end of the semester doesn’t mean the end of engaging in efforts to develop your skills, which will give you a competitive advantage in the job market. Spending time with professionals in your future career and in an environment that encourages professional growth is beneficial in so many ways.

Education majors have interesting opportunities over the summers because they can start building up connections and making plans for how they will spend their downtime in the summer while serving as teachers.

While the summer may already be underway, know that these tips are applicable well into your teaching career.

Many teachers get involved at local day camps and summer programs. Day camps are excellent opportunities to stay local, meet current teachers and experience working with kids of all age groups in a really fun atmosphere.

Camps are always looking for educators to hold supervising, planning and organizational positions.

Another great summer job is providing childcare for a family. Working parents want full-time nannies who not only love kids, but are creative and have the tools to provide interesting and educational experiences for their children.

Nannying can pay well, and great families are always looking for help. Check out resources like or ask around. School districts want to see teaching applicants who have spent time with kids and have fostered relationships and worked with the same family for an extended period of time. Providing childcare for a family during your summer can be an excellent addition to a resume.

Teaching abroad gives you the opportunity to go almost anywhere in the world and it is very rewarding.  If you see yourself spending summers abroad when you’re a teacher, plan ahead and look into all of the amazing opportunities that allow you to spend your time off globe-trotting without spending any money. Groups like The English Experience, LEOlingo camps in Germany and Camp America provide incredible teaching opportunities abroad. Recent education graduates who aren’t ready to settle down just yet can also look into Teach for America, serving in low-income schools across the country, or Peace Corps, that also provides teaching positions all over the world.

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