Technology evolving marketing to create new career opportunities

Assumption College Undergraduate

STEM teachers “Technology has always changed how marketing works. What is different today is the unprecedented rate of change in both the development of marketing tools and the escalation of expectations for better experiences from customers,” wrote Forbes contributor John Ellet in an article titled, “Technology Is Changing The Future of Marketing (Again).”

As technology continues to evolve, much discussion is focusing on its influence on the field of marketing.

The evolution of technology has given birth to new marketing tactics particularly in the digital marketing segment. Content marketing, digital advertising and inbound marketing are common marketing practices, yet their inception is fairly recent. Naturally, such trends are also followed by new career offerings and job market needs. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing may wonder how their coursework prepares them for these new and not yet created career opportunities.

One of the business courses offered at Assumption College is Marketing on the Internet, MKT 326. The class teaches students how to effectively integrate the Internet into marketing and business communications; this course also offers an analysis of the technology from a marketing perspective.

In addition to coursework, Assumption students are also encouraged to apply classroom theory in a hands-on setting through internships. To that end, students are offered a number of ways to incorporate internships into their studies.

Assumption marketing student, Cameron Garrant ’15, worked as an Inbound Marketing Intern for Repsly, Inc. in Boston, Mass. He attributes his success at his internship to his business coursework at Assumption.

“Through my internship, I learned how to use a wide variety of marketing automation software and SEO techniques. I also learned about the environment and intricacies associated with working at a startup company. A number of my business courses prepared me for this experience, and I will transition into a full-time role with the company after graduation,” says Cameron.

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