The Psychology of Motivation and Emotion

Assumption College Undergraduate

Have you ever wondered where human motivation comes from? For instance, what motivates one person to display extreme acts of selflessness and heroism and another to perform acts of terrorism?

The Psychology of Motivation and Emotion There is a lot that goes into the science of what drives our decisions and actions, a topic covered by Assumption College’s Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr. Sarah Cavanagh, in the course PSY 335 Motivation and Emotion.

Some of the course highlights include:

  • What roles emotions play in decision-making
  • The formation of romantic relationships
  • Risk for psychopathology
  • Regulation and communication of emotion
  • How understanding motivation can enrich our lives and improve society

This field of inquiry can be key to understanding our own decisions and the decisions of those around us, as well as discovering how best to accomplish our goals and motivate others to accomplish theirs.

“Most of us also spend time leading others—at work, on the playing field, in tutoring or community service activities, in student teaching—so college students can apply some of this work not only to their personal lives but also to any situation where they are challenged to motivate or manage emotions in others,” explains Professor Cavanagh.

In this generation of continuously advancing technology, our ability to make choices and decisions that affect society in some way, no matter how great or small, are limitless. We are constantly coming up with ideas of how to change the world, our community or just the trajectory of our individual lives – wouldn’t it be useful to understand exactly what motivates those decisions and how to increase motivation ourselves? These are answers that students taking PSY 335 Motivation and Emotion will discover this year.

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