Teaching and traveling: Part 1

Assumption College Undergraduate

The Boston Consulting Group reported in 2013 that Millennials are more interested than older generations in traveling — 23 percentage points higher.

And, according to The Atlantic, young people are more interested in longer, more meaningful experiences; they are more likely to choose spending little and living like locals over luxurious beach vacations. Recent Assumption education graduates with this same desire to explore are exceptionally prepared to find the meaningful experiences they desire through travel and teaching abroad.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in education have a number of options, including teaching stateside or, for those who seek an adventure, pursue a teaching opportunity in a foreign country.

International teaching provides Millennials an exciting opportunity to live in a foreign country — and explore a new culture while becoming part of a new community and meet amazing people from all over the world. Education graduates can volunteer, intern or work for pay. Many experiences provide free or inexpensive housing, and it is a great way to see the world and do rewarding work — all inexpensively.

Last year, seven Assumption graduates participated in a Year of Service:  three graduates ventured to Ecuador, England, South Africa and others throughout the United States, working with different kinds of populations in need to educate and serve.

bachelors in education students in Ecuador

assumption education students Ecuador

year of service trip education students

year of service education students

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On October 15, Assumption Campus Ministry will partner with the Career Development and Internship Center to host a Discerning Service Networking Night to help students determine how they can explore the world, serve others and gain professional skills following graduation.

In the second part of this series, we will look at countries in need of teachers abroad and special programs for interested students.

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