Teaching and Traveling: Part 2

Assumption College Undergraduate

Last week, we discussed the growth and popularity of students with a bachelors in education who spend time abroad teaching and volunteering before committing to a career in the United States. We mentioned the rewarding experience, ability to explore  the world and experience new cultures, and a chance to meet amazing people from many different backgrounds.

But there is also great need for great teachers abroad.

The United Kingdom’s Department for Education launched a program last month to attract teachers from abroad, particularly in math and science. The United Arab Emirates and other Gulf region countries are recruiting teachers to work in international schools, and at least 14,000 are needed. There is also great need in Asian countries like China, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam for experienced American teachers.

The U.S. Department of State lists organizations for identifying teaching positions abroad like Peace Corps, The International Educator and the Fulbright program, the international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government.

87 Assumption alumni have volunteered with Peace Corps since 1961.  And since 2001, 13 Assumption students have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships and used them to study, research and teach abroad. (Current Assumption students interested in Fulbright Scholarships can talk to Professor Smriti Roa, P.hD.)

Assumption also offers two international teaching internships/assistantships: in Italy, where undergraduates can teach for either a semester or a year at secondary schools near Milan; and France, where graduates in French have assisted in English classes at French high schools and middle schools.

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