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“As we know, business is about clarity and measurability, but art loves mystery and multiple interpretations.” — Ajaz Ahmed, Founder and CEO, AKQA

In his Guardian blog, Ajaz Ahmed, founder and CEO of AKQA, an ideas and innovation company, wrote about bridging the gap between business and art. He explored differences between entrepreneurs and artists and concluded that “art and entrepreneurialism are two expressions of one shared desire: to leave the world a little different than you found it.”

His piece also points to some examples of where art and business intersect — brands like Burberry, Cos, and Cartier who promote themselves through sponsorship of various artists.

But beyond his example, marketing and advertising agencies have for decades housed both creative and entrepreneurial minds, and in their own way, bridged art and business. With their creative departments spanning artists from graphic designers to illustrators and writers, and their strategic teams comprising business strategists, data scientists and marketing analysts, the creative agencies still garner a special appeal for those interested in somehow straddling the two worlds.

For Assumption students pursuing a degree in business, art can be a viable career option. Business degrees offer a versatility that allow students to compete for many exciting opportunities including art-related positions. Marketing and advertising agencies offer one avenue but the art world is full of places where a business degree can be used as a means of effective management and organization governance.

For example, arts administrators cover various job titles such as director of development, chief financial officer, arts education manager, etc. and work in nonprofit art organizations, museums and private galleries. They perform a range of duties including overseeing budgets, event planning, writing grant proposals, designing art education activities, negotiating contracts, fund raising and much more.  Assumption business students interested in exploring these careers can start out with an art related internship.

 Sondra Savickas A recent Assumption College graduate, Sondra Savickas, a business management major from Paxton, Massachusetts, interned at the Worcester Art Museum while earning her degree. There, she helped with various audience engagement initiatives and had an opportunity to experience working in an art-related position first-hand.

“I have been able to use a huge part of what I learned at Assumption from my business courses in my internship. And I have enjoyed my classes more with my internship experience,” said Sondra.

For more ideas on careers you can pursue with a business degree, look out for our upcoming business blog posts!

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